Management & Leadership Training Program

Founder Ryan Dohrn teaching in Orlando, FL

The Gemini Leadership Project was founded by management training pioneer Ryan Dohrn in 2002.  Brain Swell Media offers management and leadership training courses that are customized to your exact training needs. 

Training can be virtual or live at your office.  We offer advanced COVID safety protocols when invited to your office.  Our staff will always test negative 10 days and 48-hours prior to traveling to your location.     

All training programs are designed to help leaders learn new techniques and refine management skills.   The Gemini Leadership Project offers 101 boot camp classes for new leaders and exclusive advanced training for senior leaders.  A great management training course can strengthen businesses by helping teams to run more efficiently.

The Gemini Leadership Project is based on over 30 years of management knowledge from over 15 business sectors.  Program members come primarily from the IT, defense, government, and digital media technology sectors.  All classes are taught by graduate-level trainers with backgrounds spanning sales management to senior military officers.   

What you can expect from the Gemini Management Course:

  1. Private training in small groups with one-on-one attention 
  2. Virtual management training is 100% secure and encrypted for top security and privacy
  3. Collective coaching, mentoring, and learning
  4. Unlimited networking potential for career development
  5. A pier group you can lean on and trust
  6. Tested and proven leadership methods for personal success
  7. Private events to grow your knowledge and global experiences
  8. Certification programs are offered in all presented training classes

For more on the management training program: