Gemini Leadership Project

The Gemini Leadership Project was founded by management training pioneer Ryan Dohrn in 2002. This is an exclusive and private community of leaders that learn, mentor and collaborate together.

Founder Ryan Dohrn teaching in Orlando, FL

The project has three phases:

  1.  Training for leadership
  2.  Post-training coaching and mentorship
  3.  Private member-only training events

The Gemini Leadership Project is an invitation-only group.  Members come primarily from the IT, defense and digital media technology sectors.

Each Gemini Member Circle is comprised of colleagues in your sector.  Or, if you choose, you can be placed in an open Circle for expanded growth.  All Circles are mentored by a certified Gemini member with a minimum of 10 years in their respective leadership role.  

Why apply:

  1.  Private management training in a small and intimate setting
  2. Collective coaching, mentoring and learning
  3. Unlimited networking potential for career development
  4. A pier group you can lean on and trust
  5. Tested and proven leadership methods for personal success
  6. Private events to grow your knowledge and global experiences

To apply email your resume or a letter of interest to: