10 Ways To Avoid The Holiday Sales Blues

holiday-blues-300This time of year things tend to slow down in “Sales Land”. Well, at least that is the thought anyway. I often hear sales reps say, “Nothing happens between Dec 21st and Jan 8th”.    It is such a common comment that it has become somewhat of an Urban Legend.

As a sales training coach, I hear this every day staring on December 1st. Because I still sell everyday, I have found that this is a great time of year to grow as a sales professional. In addition, I found that it is a great time of year to grow my personal book of business as well.   So, rather than sing the holiday sales blues about clients not calling you back, or people not making any decisions… here are 10 ways to keep your sales strong so that you can start the new year with a BANG!

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  1. What is your holiday client sales plan? Do you even have one? Sending Christmas cards is nice, but really a waste because you will get lost in the crowd. What about retention? We all know that it is easier to keep a client than loose one. So, perhaps this is a great time of year to email, phone and retain clients. Non-sales touches are critical to your success as a sales pro.
  2. Most sales reps stop short and sell short around the holidays. Meaning, most sales people give up. Use this to your advantage. Your clients normally get 10 calls and emails per day from sales people wanting to pitch their products. I see this drop to almost zero. So, this is a great time to reach out and let your voice be heard. See point #1, because this is a great time of year for retention too.
  3. Review past client reports and ask for referrals. If you can offer some type of bonus for the referral even better.
  4. Review your potential clients web sites for new talking points. Remember, relevant sales consultants always win out over generic sales reps
  5. Review your personal growth plan. You need to read at least one business book per year. At least one. Or, attend a personal improvement seminar. I am not kidding. The best of the best are well trained and highly tuned!
  6. Renew your 10 critical questions. Each year on Jan 1st, I do several things. Freshen up my resume. Reset my passwords. And, review the critical questions I ask my clients. Why? Because your industry changes every day. What worked in 2015 may not work in 2016. My favorite question… If we could create/offer the perfect solution for you, what would be the perfect outcome?
  7. Test your email subject lines. Look back through your email for subject lines that worked in the emails that you sent. Or, look for subject lines that grabbed your attention. Keep a file. Use them and Test them. My favorite… “I have a new idea for you.”
  8. Evaluate your client list for “whales” versus “minnows”. Meaning, you want to be sure that your client list is balanced. Not too many small accounts.
  9. Create a focus list. A goal list is one thing. A focus list is another. When I am offering sales training advice to my clients, I like to separate these two things. Find 10 things you are going to focus on in 2016. Usually focus points are sub points to bigger goals.
  10. What is the latest new idea you are presenting?  What is coming in 2016 that you want to share with your clients? Maybe you will re-package something from 2015? Maybe you have something new to share? Nothing new? Yikes. New ideas are super important as you contact your clients.

I feel that I am one lucky guy. I get to work with hundreds of you each year as your sales training coach. Such a thrill. Thank you for that.   Take a look at the above list of 10 things. Pick one or two and get rolling. The worst thing you can do this holiday season is sit back and let the world pass you by. Embrace those that you love and recognize that you are a part of one of the best business sectors in the world… sales. Never forget, if sales was easy… everyone would be doing it.

Happy Holidays.


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